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Welcome to the Val Doonican web site.

For many years Val Doonican – the guy with the girl’s name – was the epitome of Saturday night

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TV on BBC1 attracting many millions of viewers. Every week, he was to be found  firmly ensconced in his rocking chair, wearing cringe-worthy sweaters and surrounded by a troupe of adoring female backing singers who seemed ready to pass out in the divine presence.  Then one day he was gone.  No explanations, no whys and wherefores, just no new series that sad spring.  Of course, the true believers are left with their album collections, autobiographies  and fond memories of that chair, those sweaters and the wonderful Seventies sideburns - not to mention the Christmas Eve kitsch, this last being fondly remembered even by those who do not consider themselves to be Val Doonican fans.  The big question that remains unanswered is: why has none of this resurfaced on UK Gold?  (Actually, Val Doonican himself answered that in his recent interview, but you'll have to watch this space to find out!)

Val Doonican himself  is Irish, private and happily married with two grown-up daughters and grandchildren. He still tours, a few concerts a year at provincial venues, which are much appreciated by his fans.  

These days, Val Doonican is in semi-retirement, spending time (as he told the site) with his family and friends at his homes in England and Spain and indulging his hobbies of watercolour painting, golf and cooking.

So, whether or not you remember Val Doonican in his heyday, come in and indulge those innocent days of Paddy McGinty, Delaney and the donkey and all those other farmyard (and occasionally non-farmyard) songs. 

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